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Server RolesπŸ”—

Roleplay RolesπŸ”—

  • Nation Leaders are people who manage their nation. They help with generating roleplay, making nation lore and organising events!

Non-staff RolesπŸ”—

  • Builders are a crucial part of the server. They work on many different projects and help us create the world we all know and love!

  • Architects are our most talented builders. They work on larger projects and are the driving force behind our most impressive builds!

  • Artists are a team of talented people who work on many things such as textures, models, skins and more!

  • Scroll Keepers handle many things related to our bending systems. They organize tournaments, discuss improvements to the system, help test experimental abilities and sometimes develop abilities themselves.

Staff RolesπŸ”—

  • Helpers are tasked with assisting players and enforcing the server rules. It is their job to maintain a positive and respectful environment on all our platforms.

  • Moderators are experienced individuals within the moderation department. Their job is to manage issues of higher importance. They work closely with the helpers and one another to ensure that moderation is consistent and effective.

  • Game Engineers take care of everything technical. They fix bugs, develop new features and ensure the server keeps running smoothly.

  • Team Leaders manage their respective departments, such as moderation and development. They will delegate tasks and make decisions about their teams. If you have an issue with any staff member, these are the people you can contact regarding the situation.

  • Admins assist the Owner in running the Server. They organise the Staff team and make important decisions together with the Owner. They are also there to help with problems that any other Staff can’t solve.

  • The Owner manages the server as a whole and takes executive decisions on the highest level.


Applications for a range of roles are currently open on the Rokucraft Website. Any necessary information will be disclosed on the website or in announcements on Discord. If you have any further questions about these, feel free to contact a Team Leader!