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Airbending is very dynamic and complex. It requires not only strong legs and core but also flexibility. Airbenders move in a circular motion with open palms, waiting to strike at the right time using their opponent's energy against them. Airbending nature is peaceful and definitely not lethal, but Nomads have used their bending in many forms and ways, so they were also taught to defend themselves using their skills. Their bending forms are categorised into 36 tiers.


Spiritual Projection
An ability developed by only highly spiritual people, deeply connected to non-materialistic things. Spiritual Projection allows the bender to leave their material body and move freely as a spirit of themselves.
Sound Bending
A form of bending where the user kinetically manipulates sound waves and uses them to attack their opponents or to sense sonic vibrations around them to detect obstacles.
Weather manipulation
An ability to create stormy weather, strong winds and form clouds. Easier for airbenders with waterbender roots, but possible to master by others aswell.

Special SkillsπŸ”—

Some skills that have been developed by the monks are not as complex as sub-bending. And more often depend on personal training, skill and predispositions.

The ability to sense air vibrations around them and sense moving objects in the air. A skill that airbenders develop through meditation and training.
A very dangerous technique based on removing air from the opponents lungs. Due to lethal results, it is not used among regular airbenders, with the exception of Air Guardians.



For more information on how to achieve a certain skill or bending, please contact the Nation Leader.

  • In order to apply for a sub-bending, a character application is required.
  • To achieve a special skill, all you need to do is to find a master and learn it from them. No character application is required, though it is useful.