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Mobs TutorialπŸ”—

Want to learn how to take down bandits and other mobs? Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Enjoy!

Mob Trapper in Harbor Town

To start your mob hunting journey, speak to the Mob Trapper in Harbor Town. Click him to open the Mob menu.

Mob Trapper Menu

In this menu you will be able to see a variety of mobs our server has, along with the difficulty of each mob. The more difficult the mob, the better reward! Select the mob you want to go hunt and you will be brought to their location.

Example of a Bandit Mob

Now the hunt begins! Get out your bending focus and begin fighting. When you kill mobs they will drop various loot items which can be sold to NPC's such as the Sheriff.

Harbor Town Sheriff

Here's the sheriff building in Harbor Town. By selling the loot you will earn money, which you can then invest in whatever you want. The more bending abilities you have, the easier killing mobs will become, so definitely start saving for new ones!