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Art TutorialπŸ”—

Want to learn how to paint beautiful paintings to decorate your home or sell to others? Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Enjoy!

Harbor Town School

Go to the Harbor Town School and head up the stairs to meet the Art Teacher.

Art Teacher

Once you find the Art Teacher, click him to be brought to the Art Class.

Art Shop Menu

In the Art Class there will be options available for you to buy a canvas (right) to begin. You will also be able to buy an Art Copier (left) to make copies of your final product later on.

Art Inventory

Place your new canvas on one of the easels and right-click it to sit down and begin painting. You can access our variety of paints and tools in your inventory

First person view of painting in-game

Now it's time to begin painting onto the canvas! To paint, click the canvas with different colours. Right-click and drag to draw lines and curves. You can also click with a Paint Bucket and a colour in your offhand to fill in an area. If you mess up or want to restart, you can run /artmap clear while painting!

Menu for saving art

When you are finished and happy with your painting, you have two options to save it. You can either use /artmap save <title>, or use the canvas saving tool that's in your inventory. If you want to use spaces in the title, surround it with quotation marks ("like this").

Recipe for copying artwork

Now that you have made a painting you can make copies of it to sell or place in an item frame. You can make copies by combining your painting with an Art Copier bought at the Art Class.

Example of a painting

Painted by LegoNerd2014

Painting is full of endless creativity. Once you get some practice you can begin making masterpieces using cool tricks like placing multiple canvases next to each other to make bigger paintings. Here's an example made by one of our players!