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Roleplay Rules & GuidelinesπŸ”—

These rules and guidelines exist to make sure that roleplay is fair for everyone. If a roleplay does not follow these, it may be voided or deemed non-canon.

  1. No metagaming1
    Your character must only learn their information through roleplay. You cannot use information gathered out of character.

  2. No god-modding
    Your character cannot be overpowered in any way. For example, your character cannot be a bloodbender without working for it through the nation-specific system.

  3. No Mary-Sue characters
    Create a realistic character, not one that is perfect in every way. Your character should have flaws and shouldn’t be overly powerful without training.

  4. No powergaming
    You cannot control another player's character. You must receive their consent if you wish to execute certain actions, such as injuring or killing them.

  5. Use roleplay chats
    Use the roleplay chats (/ch rp in-game)2 when roleplaying to avoid confusion.

  6. Be cautious and respectful about roleplaying characters with health conditions or disabilities
    You are free to roleplay characters with health conditions or disabilities, but ensure that you are not stereotyping. You must do prior research on the specific condition or disability before roleplaying.

  7. Avoid overly graphic roleplay
    Roleplay that is overly graphic is prohibited. Do not write extremely inappropriate or excessive descriptions when committing violence - be mindful of the younger members in our community.

  8. You can only hold a maximum of two leadership positions and must be active in them
    A leadership position is defined as a role in which you lead or generate roleplay for other players. You are expected to remain active in positions that require you to lead the nation or other players. The Nation Leader has the right to remove any player from their leadership position if they are inactive for over four weeks.

  9. Do not train your own characters
    You cannot train your characters using other characters that you have created.

  10. Follow roleplay etiquette
    Use quotation marks (β€œlike this”) to indicate when your character is talking. Additionally, asterisks (*like this*) can be used to convey thoughts or actions.

  11. Names should fit the Avatar lore3
    We suggest that you use names that are consistent with the server and Avatar lore.

  12. Creating a character introduction is strongly encouraged
    A character introduction allows you to firmly establish your character and let the playerbase learn more about them.

  13. Join the roleplay-dedicated Discord server4
    We have a separate Discord server for roleplay. We suggest joining this to keep up-to-date with affairs and to participate in roleplay when you cannot do so in-game.

  1. If you are a new to roleplay or don't understand some of these terms, be sure to check out our Roleplay Guide page to see their definitions and more. 

  2. For an in-depth explanation on our in-game chat system, check out our Chat System Tutorial

  3. If you struggle to come up with names that fit into Avatar lore, you can find many useful name generators on the internet. 

  4. You can find the link to the Rokucraft Roleplay Hub Discord server through the main Rokucraft Discord server. The invite link is pinned in the #roleplay-announcements channel.