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Earth is the element of substance, if you want to be able to control it and bend it to your will you need a great deal of strength, durability and endurance. Earthbenders should seek to master the art of creating powerful stances in order to provide their body and mind with the essential stability and stamina required of a skilled bender. Unlike other elements, earthbending prospers when the bender waits and listens for the precise moment to attack. Those who are well versed in bending the element will learn to endure attacks until the perfect opportunity to counterattack reveals itself to them.


There are currently 2 earth sub-elements. You may apply for one of them. Once your application is approved you can begin to train your sub-element.

The sub-elements to choose from are:


In order to be approved to begin training a sub-element you must:

  • Have an approved mastery application
  • Fill out the sub-element application form below


In order to be considered proficient enough at your sub-element to use it in roleplay you must:

  • Train for a minimum of 4 IRL weeks
  • Complete 8 sub-element training roleplays
    • 4 must be on the server
    • 2 training sessions must be completed with a master earthbender
    • 6 solo training sessions

Application TemplateπŸ”—

Sub-element BBCode Template

[b]Character name:[/b]

[b]Character age:[/b]

Link to accepted mastery application:

What sub element are you applying for?

Who will help you train?

Brief backstory or plan as to how your character realised/will realise that they can sub-bend [200-300 words]

I understand that my permission to sub-bend may be revoked if I break roleplay rules:

Earthbending Roleplay TipsπŸ”—

Earthbending is based on the Hung Gar style of kung fu. If you’re looking for ways to improve your earthbending roleplay you could do some research on it. Learning about the earthbending influences may help you to more accurately describe stances and moves when roleplaying.

System by LegoNerd2014