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Bending MasteryπŸ”—

Becoming a MasterπŸ”—

For your character to become a master of their element, they must complete at least 8 roleplay lessons with bending instructors. The average amount of required lessons is 10, but your amount may vary depending on your character's current skill level, age, and ability.

A minimum of 8 of your character's lessons must be completed on the server. Others may be completed in the Roleplay Hub if necessary.

After you have completed the necessary classes, you will be eligible to apply for mastery on the forum.

Bending InstructorsπŸ”—

There are two types of bending instructors:

  • Teachers have completed any amount of the first 5 lessons and can pass this knowledge on to others
  • Masters have completed all lessons and have an accepted mastery application

Finding an InstructorπŸ”—

You are encouraged to find bending instructors through roleplay. However, if your character cannot find one, you can look for a player with the Instructor role in the Roleplay Hub and contact them about training. Bending teachers and masters can choose to have this tag if they would like to be contacted by others. You can then arrange to have your characters meet in a realistic way.

Role of InstructorsπŸ”—

  • Follow the lesson structure when teaching and determine if a character will need more or less training based on skill level and progress shown. The structure is flexible depending on teaching style and the student's interests.
  • Use the #instructors channel in the Roleplay Hub to share training ideas, more detailed guides to specific lessons, and communicate students' progress.
  • When a student applies for mastery, reply to the application to confirm which lessons you have taught them and if you think they are ready to be a master.

Lesson StructureπŸ”—

Your character's first 5 lessons can be completed with a teacher, master, or mix of both. The remaining lessons must be completed with a master. Water, Earth, and Fire have moves classed as master level. Students can choose to learn two of these as part of their mastery training. Along with the outlines below, lessons can include sparring, training with other students, or visiting locations in order to learn a specific skill. Be creative!


Waterbending students can choose to follow either the traditional or healing path to mastery. If choosing the healing path, offensive lessons will be replaced by healing lessons. For practical waterbending or history and culture, the lesson can relate specifically to the character's Clan if applicable.

Lesson Structure
  1. Basics
  2. Movement
  3. Temperature control
  4. Offensive skills 1 or Healing 1
  5. Defensive skills 1
  6. Practical waterbending or history and culture
  7. Offensive skills 2 or Healing 2
  8. Defensive skills 2
  9. Master move 1
  10. Master move 2


Lesson Structure
  1. Strength and stability
  2. Beginner offence and defence
  3. History and culture
  4. Intermediate offence
  5. Intermediate defence
  6. Practical earthbending
  7. Advanced offence
  8. Advanced defence
  9. Master move 1
  10. Master move 2


Lesson Structure
  1. Breathing and heat
  2. Beginner offence and defence
  3. History and culture
  4. Intermediate offence and defence
  5. Energy, drive, and control
  6. Practical firebending
  7. Advanced offence
  8. Advanced defence
  9. Master move 1
  10. Master move 2


Air Master is an honourary position held by the most accomplished monks and nuns. It is achieved through intense training and hard work. Being a master is a gateway to more possibilities and opportunities. After completing the required lessons, there is a final trial. Students who pass this trial will receive their air mastery tattoos and be presented at a special ceremony by other air masters. Air masters must take on vows to teach others and respect the ways of masters.

Lesson Structure
  1. Basics
  2. Culture and traditions
  3. Balance
  4. History
  5. Spiritual
  6. Offensive
  7. Defensive
  8. Meditation
  9. Sparring
  10. Advanced
  11. Final test


Once you have completed your lessons, you may fill out the mastery application on the forum. Your bending instructors will be required to reply to your application to confirm which lessons they have taught you, and state whether or not they believe you are ready to be a master.

Nation Leaders are responsible for reviewing these applications, and will make the final decision on your status as master.

Mastery Application Template
## Information
### Minecraft username

### Character name

### Character age

### Link to character introduction

### What element are you applying for mastery over?

### Bending instructors

### Number of mastery lessons completed

### Master moves completed (for Water/Earth/Fire)

### Why do you deserve the title of master?

### What roleplay would you generate as a master?

## Knowledge Showcase
### Choose a move you have learned and roleplay how you would teach it to a student. Explain what the move does and describe the form, movements, and technique required to perform it. How does it connect to your element? How can it be used practically outside of lessons?

### Please respond in character to one of the following scenarios. Choose one that will help showcase your character's relevant skills and creativity! You may respond to both scenarios if you wish.
> You're taking a leisurely stroll through a forest outside a town when you hear voices up ahead. You cautiously approach the source of the noise and spot a group of people. They appear to be discussing a plan of some sort. A few of them carry weapons, and you can tell they're looking for a fight. You don't know anything about their intentions, but you can tell from their posture and attitude that they're confident and skilled. There are no other people in sight. Suddenly one member of the group spots you...

<!-- Write your response here -->

> A devastating earthquake has struck a city in the cold, dead of night, causing widespread destruction and leaving many people injured. Many buildings have become unstable or collapsed altogether, trapping citizens and creating obstacles throughout the city. The air is thick with dust that creates a hazy atmosphere, obscuring visibility and making it hard to assess the extent of the damage. Fires have broken out in one area of the city. As the dust settles and the injured cry out for help, you emerge from where you had taken shelter...

<!-- Write your response here -->

<!-- Your instructors must reply to this post to vouch for you. Please ask them to do this. -->