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The Air Collective LoreπŸ”—

The Air Collective is spread throughout the world, and it is known for its peaceful and nomadic lifestyle. There are four temples set in four world directions, by which the Air Collective has separated themselves high in the mountains that they reach with their gliders.

The Southern and Northern Air Temples were exclusively for males, while females inhabited the Western and Eastern Air Temple. That changed after Air Temple Restoration Agreement (ATRA) when the temples reopened, and the nomads moved in again. There is also a small village within Earth Kingdom territory called Gyantse, created for nomads that seek a less monastic lifestyle.

The Air Collective Temples are run independently by Abbots and Abbesses, whereas a Mayor oversees Gyantse village. They all work together with the Air Representative to communicate and collaborate with the other nations.


The Air Nomads have a unique and distinct culture. Not even the Hundred Year War was able to erase their heritage. In the past, the Air Collective had a more strict and traditional way of living, but a new generation of nomads emerged after the war. They can be found in Gyantse Village, but they commonly travel to gain new experiences.

The traditional culture is still very present in the temples where aspects such as ancient robes, chanting across the temple halls, and monastic food persist today.


The Air Collective offers life in celibacy and without attachments. Air Nomads are widely known for their way of living. Their welcoming, open-minded nature and high respect towards every living creature attracted many travellers. Some even stayed to become nomads themselves to live a better and happier life.

Due to their highly spiritual lifestyle, every child birthed was a bender. Monks use airbending to exercise their body and mind, not as a weapon to harm.

Gyantse VillageπŸ”—

After the war, many Nomads lived among the people of the Earth Kingdom as friends and family now resided in the nation. While their way of living changed, traditions remained as they were passed on from previous generations.

Gyantse Village is situated in Earth Kingdom territory, where the Air Nomads live, but in a less monastic style. Some of the Nomads will eat meat, date and buy houses.


The Air Collective is led by Abbots, Abbesses and Mayors alongside their advisors.

After being elected, they have a four-month grace period. After that, they can be challenged or reelected. Their advisors are selected by them and usually hold superior positions such as high military ranks or spiritual titles.

Although the temples are independent, the Air Collective's military is dispersed among them and led by the High Guardian. Other organisations, such as the mastery community, operate similarly where the Headteacher supervises students from all temples.

Abbots, Abbesses and the Mayor meet with the Air Representative to discuss a range of matters concerning the Air Collective. They will exchange knowledge, opinions and make suggestions that are fundamental to the Collective's politics.

Government System: Council
Head of State: Air Representative
Territorial Divisions: Temples + Gyantse Village
Heads of Territorial Divisions: Abbot, Abbess, Mayor


Temple independence was brought about by a restructuring of the Air Collective leadership system. High Monk, Yat-Sen, resigned after leading the nomads for many years. He appointed Ambassador Samten the title of Air Representative to oversee the Air Collective.