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Character IntroductionsπŸ”—

You might be wondering what people mean when they talk about character introductions. A character introduction is a page where you explain who your character is for other people in the community to see. These can be very useful for people who want to learn your character's backstory, strengths, traits, etc. without having to go around asking you for every specific detail. You can see other people's character introductions and make your own in the Character Introductions category on our forums.

List of IdeasπŸ”—

Here are some ideas of what you might put in your character introductions:

IGN - People will often want to know your minecraft username so they know who you are.

Name - What is you character's name?

Gender - Which gender does your character identify as?

Age - What age is your character?

Height - Is your character really small, really tall or just average?

Nation - Which nation is your character from?

Element - Which element can your character bend? Or can they not bend at all?

Hometown - Which town, village or city is your character originally from?

Current Residence - Where does your character live now? Do they live in a city, village, small cave or are they nomadic?

Parents - Does your character know who their parents are? Are they still alive?

Siblings - Is your character an only child or do they have any siblings?

Pets - Does your character have any pets such as a flying lemur, fire ferret, elbow leech, etc.?

Profession - Does your character have a job?

Favourite Food - What's your character's favourite food to eat?

Hobbies - What does your character often do for fun?

Backstory - What has happened in your character's past?

Strengths - What is your character good at?

Weaknesses - What is your character bad at?

Personality - What is your character like as a person?