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Fire Nation Governor SystemπŸ”—

The cities and villages that a player can run for include:

  • Caldera City (Fire Nation Capital)
  • Ember Island
  • Jang Hui
  • Hama's Village
  • Haggyo/Fire Nation School Island
  • Hira’a

Role of The GovernorπŸ”—

The governor of a Fire Nation city or village will be responsible for leading the community and making improvements to better the lives of its residents. A governor is elected into the position by the people, and must acknowledge and find solutions to the issues a city or village may be experiencing. It is essential that the governor generates roleplay (such as hosting food markets, public forums or small gatherings) in the city or village they are elected into, and actively communicates with the Fire Lord and their Cabinet regarding needs and assistance.

The elected governors are also Members of Parliament (MPs). They will be essential in proposing, discussing and implementing new laws, and will work closely with the High Magistrate. Any governor can propose a new law to the other MPs, where a majority must agree to the proposed law for it to be legislated.

Running for GovernorπŸ”—

To run for governor of a city or village, the individual must meet the following requirements:

  • The character must be a Fire Bender or a citizen of the Fire Nation.

  • The character must be a resident of the city or village that they are running for.

  • The character must be over the age of 18.

  • The character must actively roleplay in that specific city or village, and generate it. It is crucial that the character builds and holds a reputation in the city or village that they are running for.

If the candidate meets all four of these requirements, they must message the Fire Lord and receive their approval to move onto the next stage of being a governor candidate.


Once the governor candidate has the Fire Lord’s approval, they must then campaign. A governor candidate is strongly encouraged to make a forum post outlining their plans and goals for the relative city or village they are running for. They will also be expected to answer various questions in the election channel in the Fire Nation Discord server.


  1. An election will occur every four months irl which players will vote for a single governor candidate of each city/village. A Google form will be used to collect the votes, and will be published for the players to see.
  2. If the governor candidate has no opponents, they will be automatically elected into office.
  3. At the end of the governor’s term, they will need to run for their seat again unless there are no opponents.
  4. A Governor will be removed from their position if they lose an election or are inactive for a period of time.