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Frequently Asked QuestionsπŸ”—

This page will cover the most frequently asked questions about Rokucraft. The other pages on this wiki hold a bunch of information too, so you might even find an answer to your question there. Feel free to contact a staff member in-game or on Discord if you have any more questions!


How do I connect to the server?

You can connect to our Minecraft server by adding it to your server list. Our IP address is and the current version of the server is 1.19.4.

Note that you can only join our server using a valid copy of Minecraft Java Edition. Cracked versions of Minecraft are not able to join our server and never will be.

How do I travel around the server?

The captains and bison rider in Harbor Town will happily take you to many places in their nations! Simply click one to see the locations they have available. You'll often find Coachmen too, who can take you other places on the mainland.

How do I get food?

You can purchase food from stalls or find it in treasure chests throughout the world.

How do I get an Air Glider?

You can buy a glider for Β₯2500 at any of the Air Temples. Other villages, such as Gaoling, might have a glider shop too. πŸ˜‰

Gliders aren't limited to only airbenders either, anyone can get one!

I'm stuck, what do I do?

If you're stuck and cannot move, you're can always use /spawn to teleport back to Harbor Town. We also ask that you tell a staff member where you got stuck to prevent it from happening again in the future. πŸ˜„

Why are some bending moves blocked in certain places?

You're not able to PVP in some locations such as towns, mines, minigames, etc. Your moves won't be able to damage other players, and some moves are even blocked entirely because of it. You'll be able to use all your moves out in the wilds or in dueling arenas though!

How do I change my bending element?

You are only able to bend one element at a time. If you wish to change your bending element, you can contact a staff member. They will assist you throughout the process. Keep in mind you can only change once every 2 months, and you will lose all your bending progress and arena statistics.


How do I make money?

There are countless ways to make money! You can brew tea, kill mobs, do quests, go mining, complete minigames, find treasure chests, and much more! For more information on all of these, check out the gameplay pages.

Where do I sell my mob drops?

Our server has a variety of mob drops that can be sold in several locations throughout the server:

  • Sheriffs can be found across the entire server. They are often located inside Sheriff Offices within towns.
  • Trappers can be found across the Southern Water Tribe. They are usually stationed near popular settlements.
  • Kitchen Helpers can be found inside all tea shops around the server. They clean ingredients and provide other tea brewing related items.
Sheriff Trapper Kitchen Helper
Stolen Goods Polar Bear Pelt Dirty Ingredients
Animal Pelt Polar Bear Tooth
Desert Slime
Scorpion Chitin
What can I do with copper, silver and gold coins?

You can trade these with the banker at any of the banks. They'll automatically be added to your balance, which you can check with /balance.

Where can I find a bank?

There are banks in most towns. The main bank is located in Harbor Town, up the central stairs and next to the Tea Shop.


Can I download the map?

Our map is not available for download, but you can explore everything we have to offer on the server!

How do I get the resource pack?

Before you connect to server, please make sure you've enabled the server resource pack in the server settings. The pack should automatically download when you join the server. If you're having any problems getting the resource pack to work, check out our guide here.

How do I contact Staff regarding a problem, bug or other question?

You can always try to see if there is a staff member online in-game who would be able to help you. If there aren't any staff members online, you can ask a question or address your problem in the #support or #bug-report channels on Discord.

How can I join the Staff Team?

Applications for a range of roles are currently open on the Rokucraft Website. Any necessary information will be disclosed on the website or in announcements on Discord. If you have any further questions about these, feel free to contact a Team Leader!