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Earth Kingdom LawsπŸ”—

The laws of the Earth Kingdom are to be obeyed on all soils that the kingdom rests on and claims, including smaller city states. All laws are final and unmoving unless provoked through proper channels to the crown. Citizens of the kingdom are subjected to the law. All the laws have been posted throughout the kingdom, claiming lack of knowledge to the laws does not make you immune to them. All will be punished by the great and just system of the Earth Kingdom.

Common LawπŸ”—

The laws listed below are the most common ones that are broken throughout the kingdom. They should be known to all citizens. Common Law violations will often call for fines/temporary holding of custody against the aggressor in the situation. Although, if the situation calls for it the aggressor can be held for higher punishments.

  1. Stealing

    • Taking items without permission from the victim. Includes taking from establishments and regular citizens.
    • High punishments include removal of hands, can also be tried under Superior Laws if it is high theft.
  2. Trespassing

    • Entering an area where you are not welcome; without permission from the property holder.
    • Not leaving an area after being asked to leave.
  3. Damage of Property

    • Vandalizing and and destroying property that does not belong to you.
    • Breaking buildings and government property will have high fines.
  4. Harassment

    • Agressive pressure or intimidation. Engaging with someone after multiple times of asking them to stop.
    • Punishment can include fines and up to a restraining order signed by the King.

Superior LawπŸ”—

These Superior Laws listed below are more serious offenses that the kingdom will recognize. Most punishments for these will be imprisonment. In some extreme cases death can be a punishment. The lower courts will hear these trials, making their decision final. In the case of higher offenses such as murder High Courts will hear them. If one seeks redemption from the ruling they must ask for an audience from the King or one of his advisors.

  1. Stalking

    • Pursuing someone in a sneaky manner. Hiding in the shadows without the victims knowledge.
    • Laws vary for Dai Li, punishments can include restraining orders.
  2. Assault and Battery

    • Assault is the threat of physical harm to a person. Battery is the actual act of physically harming another person.
    • Punishments can include up to a month of imprisonment or longer. Along with compensation to the victim.
  3. Murder

    • Murder is the act of taking the spirit from another person, rendering them dead. All punishments can be adjusted by the courts or King to suit the case; some including death.
      • Manslaughter, taking ones life with the knowledge that the action can be dangerous without intending to for it to be. Results in 1-10 years of imprisonment.
      • Planned Murder, taking ones life with the pre thought out plan of inflicting death. Results in 1-15 years of imprisonment.
      • Heat of Passion Murder, taking ones life while planning to harm someone turns more violent. EX: When fighting someone you push them down the stairs and they die, you did not plan for them to die, just inflict harm. Results in 1-15 years of imprisonment.
  4. Kidnapping

    • Taking an individual without their consent and holding them without release.
    • Results in 2-6 years of imprisonment.
  5. Evading Arrest

    • When a person intentionally flees from facing prosecution.
    • Can result as an increased sentence to the prior crime broken.

Sovereign LawπŸ”—

Sovereign Law is the highest law in the kingdom. This law is directly connected to the crown and monarch. In extreme cases, these crimes can call for punishments ranging from death to life in jail or even banishment. All punishments given by the High Court can be adjusted by the King. If the guilty seeks redemption they must ask for an audience by the Monarch and the other cabinet members. There they shall prove their strength, and endurance.

  1. Treason

    • Seeking to overthrow the crown and or feeding classified information to another group for the intent to destroy or leak information.
    • Punishment ranges from lengthy imprisonment to death.
  2. War Crimes

    • An action carried out during war that was agreed upon being off limits before the war.
    • Ignoring the King, Generals, and Admirals orders in a time of war.
    • Results in banishment or imprisonment.
  3. Abuse of Power

    • Abusing ones power for personal gain without proper meaning for it. Using power out of jurisdiction.
    • EX: A Kyoshi Warrior cannot arrest out of Kyoshi Island unless given permission to, or detain someone without proper reasoning.
    • Results in termination or probation, in extreme cases imprisonment.
  4. Slander of the Royal Family

    • Spreading false rumors of the royal family with an intent to discredit their name with no proper evidence to back the statements.
    • Results in imprisonment from a week to a year. Also results in some fines.


These laws only apply to crimes commited on Earth Kingdom territory. If a citizen from another nation breaks any of these laws in the Earth Kingdom, they will be detained and face the Kingdom's criminal system. This may vary depending on case and influence of other nations.