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Air Council SystemπŸ”—

Overview of the Council SystemπŸ”—

The Air Collective is divided into 4 locations:

  • Eastern Air Temple
  • Southern Air Temple
  • Western Air Temple
  • Gyantse Village

Each location is independent and run by its own council. The councils consist of a leader who is an Abbot, Abbess or Mayor, and 2 senior Monks or Nuns.

The people elect an Abbot, Abbess or Mayor through a vote. The elected leaders have a four-month grace period; after that, other political opponents may challenge them to an election.

It is the responsibility of the Air Representative to communicate with the other nations and travel to each temple to monitor wellbeing. Additionally, they discuss topics with the councils but hold no power over them.

Role requirementsπŸ”—

Abbot / Abbess / Mayor

  • Needs to live in the temple or village that they want to be leaders of
  • Is at least 20 years old
  • Mastery is not required

Air Representative

  • Experienced member of the air collective
  • Member of one of the councils
  • At least 25 years old

Senior Monk/Nun

  • Is a known Monk/Nun in their community, holds a higher ranking title (High Guardian, Headteacher, Elder, Guru) or is an accomplished master with experience.


These are the ranks that create the structure of the Collective. Ranks such as Guru or Headteacher, are special ranks aquired through roleplay, in the right circumstances.