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The Water Tribe LoreπŸ”—

The Water Tribes consist of the Northern, Southern, and Foggy Swamp Tribe. The Northern and Southern Tribes inhabit the snow and ice covered continents of the poles while the Foggy Swamp Tribe resides in the swamplands of the Earth Kingdom. Due to the distance between them, the different tribes don't often physically interact with one another. This results in the different tribes having their own distinct cultures, customs and people. Aside from the militant elements of both the Northern and Southern Tribe, they are both spiritually rich cultures due to their proximity to the spirit portals located at the poles.


The Northern and Southern Water Tribes are governed under a Chiefdom system where political and economic power is exercised over many communities by one Chief.

The Northern Chief leads the entire Northern Tribe and has a council of advisors.

In the Southern Tribe there are five Clans spread out across the continent, each with their own clan leader. The clan leaders sit on a council with the Southern Chief to advise the Chief on all aspects of Southern life. The Chief is the overall ruler of the South.

Government System: Chiefdom
Head of State: Chief
Head of Government: Chieftain Council
Territorial Divisions: Clan regions
Heads of Territorial Divisions: Clan leaders
Capital: Amaruq City


After a period of tension threatened war between the North and South, former Southern Chief Kilaa took over power in the North after defeating Valqu, the Northern Chief who threatened the stability, safety and rights of those in both the Northern and Southern Tribes. With Kilaa managing the aftermath in the North, a new Southern Chief, Chief Kaya came into power.


After the Hundred Year War the Southern Water Tribe began slowly rebuilding itself with help from their sister tribe in the North. Over time the South became self-sufficient and grew into a strong Nation. However disaster struck in the year 106AG when malevolent spirits attacked the South, resulting in the loss of many lives including that of the current Chief. A man named Kaito, whose wife passed away during the attack, was appointed as the new Chief of the Southern Water Tribe. He cared for his people and daughter by himself for many years.

In 120 AG a group of Water Tribe rebels attempted to assassinate the Fire Lord, Fire Prince, and Avatar at the Ember Island Theatre. Although the Water Chief denied any involvement in the attack, the Fire Nation declared war on the Water Tribe. After the War, Chief Kaito lost his daughter an many of his people during the war, after which he fell into depression for many years. The Tribe had suffered many losses but a few years later they managed to rebuild. Chief Kaito stepped down soon after and Chief Kilaa was appointed as the new Chief. During Kilaa's rule many arrangements were made with the other nations, fostering trade and diplomacy between them.

In 125 AG tensions started brewing between the Northern and Southern Tribes. The Northern Chief Valqu was seen as arrogant and backwards in his ways. People feared a war was on the horizon. At a meeting between the Northern council and Southern Chief and Clan Leaders a battle broke out. The result was the death of Chief Valqu, ending the threat of war between the Tribes. Chief Kilaa left her position as Southern Chief and Chieftain Kaya of the Yutu Clan was appointed as the new Chief of the South.