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Air Collective Societal RanksπŸ”—

Council RanksπŸ”—

Air Representative
A person that is involved in political matters concerning the Air Collective. They are the 'Face’ of the people.
They are the leaders of their elected locations and make decisions regarding the future of their Temples/Villages.

Senior Monk and Nuns RanksπŸ”—

Advisors are people who help make decisions in the Temples/Villages. Advisors simply assist the Abbot/Abbess/Mayor who remains to have the final say.
High Guardian
Head of the Guardians, just like a general in the Earth Kingdom. Leads the Air Guardians, and is also responsible for the safety of the temples.
The person who coordinates trainings, takes care of mastery education, and runs mastery ceremonies.
The nation's spiritual person. They hold group meditations, help students develop their meditation skills, and assists in ceremonies.
An honorary title given to older residents of the Air Collective as they stand out.

Guardian RanksπŸ”—

Air Scout
To equate it to traditional militaries, the Air Scouts are essentially Privates. Air Scouts are airbending students, and they are actively learning skills through their involvement with the guardians. Scout responsibilities primarily fall under trainings, but they also, as the name suggests, scout the temple grounds to ensure they are clear of threats.
Must be an Airbender
Air Guardians
The Air Guardians comprise the majority of the force. They are master airbenders who, as stated above, have devoted their lives to protecting the temples. Air Guardian responsibilities include: ensuring the temples are free of threats and combatting any dangers that arise. Conversely, Air Guardians are encouraged to promote their cause and host training for scouts to attend.
Must be a master Airbender
Senior Guardian
Senior Guardians are Air Guardians that have shown incredible devotion and work ethic. The High Guardian handpicks Senior Guardians, and they sit above standard Air Guardians. Senior Guardian responsibilities include: holding trainings for both Air Scouts and Air Guardians; Commanding Air Guardian regiments in battle; as well as working closely with the High Guardian to ensure the protection of the temples. Senior Guardians are also able to accept Air Scout applications.
Must be an Air Guardian who has shown exceptional performance, and has contributed greatly to the Air Collective as a whole.
High Guardian
The High Guardian is the commander of all Air Guardians. They serve to teach all Guardians, as well as lead lead them in battle. Conversely, the High Guardian must travel from temple to temple to ensure that all is safe.