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Earth Kingdom Mayor SystemπŸ”—

These are the current villages/cities where you may run for Mayor.

  • Misty Palms Oasis
  • Kyoshi Island
  • Saiko Village
  • Plains Village
  • Senlin
  • Gaoling
  • Jehung
  • Gaipan
  • Khuga

Job of The MayorπŸ”—

The Mayor is the leader of the village/city that they serve in. Once a Mayor has won their election they will be responsible for bringing roleplay to the city. They will have to host frequent role plays in the city. They will also be responsible for communicating amongst the King’s advisors about what is needed in the village/city. They have to make the people of their village happy. If there are organizations attacking their land, they must figure out ways on how to respond to it.


If you are elected Mayor and become inactive, you will be removed from the position. If you have to take an absence, please let the King know. If you decide you do not have to do work because there is no one challenging your office you are mistaken. You may not remain inactive even if you have won an election.

Requirements for RunningπŸ”—

  • You must be an Earthbender or Earth Kingdom Citizen (denounce your citizenship of another nation if not an earthbender).

  • Your character must be of the age 21 or older. Your character must also not have any known criminal record in the Earth Kingdom.

  • You must have a rented residential property in the village/city you are running in.

  • You must be known for that city, meaning you have to have role plays there and your character must have a reason for running. (You cannot just run in the city right when you have rented a house. You must make a name for yourself.)

  • Host frequent role plays in the village/city you want to run for mayor in. These role plays should not all be generic and casual. Make the role plays have meaning, for instance, role play about how to fix local issues. Remember, the goal is to make your character memorable in the city.

Once you meet these requirements, you may contact the Earth King to move on to the next steps in running for Mayor.

Running for MayorπŸ”—

  1. Every time someone is to run for mayor there will be an official voting system. (This will be done by google form). Even if there is no one running against said player, there will still be a voting form.

  2. You have to campaign for Mayor. Once you are given the β€˜Green light’ from the King you have to create a forum post. This forum post will have to outline your plans for mayorship, reasons for running, and why they should vote for you, ect. (Still has to be done even if run unopposed).

  3. There will be a set period of time where you will have to campaign. The King will communicate with all candidates and set up a timetable for the campaign. (The election campaign may run for 1-2 weeks depending on circumstances.)

Once the following steps have been done and you have won the election, you will be named Mayor of the village/city.



After 3 months of the incumbent's original day of taking office they are allowed to be challenged in an election. If no one decided to run against the incumbent after the original 3 months then they will maintain status without having to re-run. This means that you can remain Mayor for 8 months without having to be re-elected, unless another player decides to run against you.

  • You can only call for a new election 3 months after the current incumbent has taken office. Once a new election is called between the candidates, the King will call for a new time table. (This will result in basically a fresh new election, where all players have to follow what was originally stated in β€˜Running for Mayor’)

  • If you are currently an incumbent and it has been 3 months you will not have to run for re-election. You will only have to run for re-election if a challenger shows up and decides to run against you.

  • There may only be an election at least every 3 months if a challenger arises from players. If not the Mayor may remain in power for as long until someone challenges them, or they lack to do their job.


If you have any questions, please contact the Earth King. Please do not run for Mayor if you do not plan on being an active member of the community and sticking with the role. It will be removed due to inactivity.