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Fire Nation Societal RanksπŸ”—

The Fire Nation CabinetπŸ”—

Fire Lord
The Fire Lord leads the Fire Nation. They make significant decisions IRP and OOC, and are responsible for selecting members of the Cabinet.
Royal Secretariat
The Royal Secretariat is the right-hand of the Fire Lord. They are responsible for managing international relations with the other nations, and fostering positive relationships.
Prime Minister
The Prime Minister is responsible for managing internal affairs within the Fire Nation. They must manage various different departments within the Fire Nation, such as education and health, and handle cultural affairs.
Health Minister
The Health Minister works under the Prime Minister and reviews public sanitation guidelines, keeps medicinal strategies up to date and oversees all hospitals.
Education Minister
The Education Minister works under the Prime Minister and organizes cultural showcases, writes the curriculum for schools and ensures every Fire Nation citizen has access to education.
Grand General
The Grand General leads the Fire Nation military and police force to ensure that our borders and citizens remain safe. They are responsible for recruiting new members and training them.
High Magistrate
The High Magistrate leads the courts and are a significant figure in relation to law and justice within the Fire Nation. They will preside over critical court cases, and introduce new and crucial legislation.
The ex-Fire Lord which acts as an adviser to the Fire Lord and Royal Cabinet when requested or when they themself deem it necessary to interfere.

Other Government RanksπŸ”—

An Ambassador is a diplomat that is deployed to one of the three nations to represent the Fire Nation. They are to work towards positive relations between the Fire Nation and their allocated nation.
A Governor leads a specific village/city in which they are elected by the people to represent them and their specific village/city. They must handle all affairs within their own village/city, and benefit their people by finding solutions to problems the people may be facing.

Defence ForcesπŸ”—


The military includes a range of highly skilled individuals that are responsible for protecting the Fire Nation. They may be deployed to various locations within or external to the Fire Nation. The hierarchy of ranks for the military include:

  • Private (Entry Rank)
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Colonel
  • General (Final Rank)

The navy includes a range of highly skilled individuals that will patrol the waters of the Fire Nation. They must ensure that foreign vessels entering Fire Nation waters are acting in accordance with the law and do not have malicious intent. The hierarchy of ranks for the navy include:

  • Cadet (Entry Rank)
  • Ensign
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Admiral (Final Rank)
Police Force

The police force is to enforce the law within the Fire Nation. They must ensure that our citizens are acting in accordance with the law, and must promote peace. The hierarchy of ranks for the police force include:

  • Officer (Entry Rank)
  • Sheriff
  • Constable
  • Police Chief (Final Rank)

Fire SagesπŸ”—

High Sage
The High Sage is the leader of the Fire Sages, and they protect the stored knowledge in the Dragon Catacombs. They act as the lead spiritual guide of the Fire Nation.
Fire Sage
The Fire Sages are spiritual guides in the Fire Nation that are responsible for leading and maintaining various traditions and rituals.


A Magistrate must evaluate the law and apply it to court cases they will preside over. They must act in the interest of the citizens and consider various factors when coming to a verdict.
A Lawyer will represent their client in court. They will either be the prosecution or defense, and must prove to the court as to whether or not their client is at fault.


The Principal is responsible for leading the Fire Nation School of Education, and ensuring that students receive a high level of education.
A Professor will teach a specific subject at the Fire Nation School of Education. They must create and teach a curriculum relative to the subject, and assist their students where necessary.


Head Physician
The Head Physician will lead healthcare in the Fire Nation to ensure that healthcare practice and skills are at a high standard.
A Physician is a healthcare professional that assists those in need. They are tasked with providing aid to those who are ill and/or injured.