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Water Tribe Clan System๐Ÿ”—


This page explains the system of clans in the Southern Water Tribe as well as the process of running for and electing the leader of a clan.

Overview of the Clan System๐Ÿ”—

The Southern Water Tribe has a clan system where each village/settlement is ruled by a clan leader/Chieftain. The leaderโ€™s role is to lead their clan both IRP and OOC. They are responsible for communicating the clanโ€™s needs with the Chief and protecting their clan. The leader of a clan will produce roleplay for their clan however it is not solely their responsibility. Anyone can plan and host roleplay events. Although clan leaders rule their clans, they and the members of their clan are still subject to the Chief and laws of the Southern Water Tribe.

OOC the Clan Leaders are voted for by the playerbase and IRP each clan has its own method of choosing their leader.

The requirements listed below are general requirements. Please note that individual clans may have additional requirements relating to roleplay and clan lore.

List of Clans๐Ÿ”—

There are 5 clans, all of which are located in the Southern Water Tribe:

Town/Village Clan Clan Leader Title
Amaruq Arenqii Lawspeaker
Nauruk Heagga Chieftain
Eskele Koalkoaq Chieftain
Angnikuyaak Angniku Elder Shaman
Sukika Yutu Chieftain

Requirements for running๐Ÿ”—

  • You must be a Water Tribe citizen.

  • You must be a member of the clan you are running for at the time of the election.

  • Your character must live in the village of the clan they are running for (You do not physically have to own a house on the server, but you must live there IRP).

  • Your character must have existed actively for 8 weeks prior to running for the position. (In a Discord poll, 70% voted for 8 weeks minimum activity).

  • The minimum age to run for leader of a clan is 20, however, this may vary depending on the clan.

OOC Elections๐Ÿ”—

  1. Elected clan leaders will maintain their position for 4 months after which time anyone who meets the necessary requirements can challenge them (OOC) to a vote for their position.

  2. When a new leader is to be chosen an ooc vote will occur through google forms.

  3. Candidates will have the opportunity to make their case for clan leader in a designated Discord channel where players can also ask them questions.

  4. If no one challenges the current clan leader then no vote will occur and the current leader will maintain their position.

  5. Clan leaders will only be removed from their position if they lose an ooc vote or if they are deemed inactive by the Nation Leader (Chief).

Voting & Roleplay๐Ÿ”—

OOC voting does not necessarily affect anything IRP.

If someone calls for an election after the 4 month period is up and the current clan leader wins then they will retain their position and nothing is affected IRP unless the former and new leader want to include an IRP aspect or if it would be part of the clanโ€™s lore.

  • Contender calls for an ooc election.
  • Current leader wins the election.
    • Option 1: Nothing is affected IRP and the clan leader retains their position as normal.
    • Option 2: The contender wants to challenge the leaderโ€™s position IRP even though they will not succeed.
  • The contenderโ€™s character could approach the leader or clan IRP claiming that the current leader is not fit to rule and should be replaced etc.
  • Since the existing leader won the ooc vote they could dismiss/banish/fight/reason with etc the contender IRP to retain their position.

If the current clan leader loses then an IRP reason will be made for the new leader to take their place. The reason may vary by clan and must be agreed upon by the former leader, new leader, and Chief OOC to make sure that it is lore appropriate and there is no powergaming.

  • Contender calls for an ooc election and wins.
    • Possible Option 1: The old leader steps down/is injured/becomes incapacitated/dies.
    • Possible Option 2: The new leader attacks/kills/questions the old leaderโ€™s position.