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Tea TutorialπŸ”—

Want to learn how to make and sell tea on our server? Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Enjoy!

An example of attacking mobs

Attack some mobs until you get some dirty ingredients.

Tea Shop in Harbor Town

Travel to one of the Tea Shops around the server, here's one at spawn.

Buying tea cups

Talk to the Kitchen Helper and clean your dirty ingredients. You'll also need to get some coal and tea cups!

Unbrewed Tea Station

The next step is to begin the tea making process. Find one of the 'Unbrewed Tea' crafting stations to begin.


Tea made with common ingredients won't be worth as much as tea made with rare ingredients!

Brewed Tea Station

After you've crafted your Unbrewed Tea it's now time to begin brewing it! Find one of the 'Brewed Tea' crafting stations to begin brewing.

Selling Menu

Now it's time to sell your wonderful tea! Place your tea in the menu and receive your hard-earned money.