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Mining TutorialπŸ”—

Want to learn how to make money off of mining? Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it. Enjoy!

The Coachman in Harbor Town

Head to Harbor Town and speak to the Coachman, then choose either Khuga or Plains Village. If it's your first time we recommend you visit Khuga so that you can follow along with the tutorial written here.

The Khuga mines entrance

Once you arrive, follow the directions until you reach the mines.

Veteran Minder

We recommend you go find the Veteran Miner in the mine shop who will teach you the core mechanics of our mining system.

Mining Supplies Shop

If you don't have any supplies you can talk to the Mining Supplies NPC where you will be able to buy supplies through a menu.

A mineshaft

Now that you are all stocked up, it's time to head to one of the mines and begin digging for ores and gems!

Gem Cutting Station

When you mine a gem it will be uncut, but gems are worth much more money if they are cut! To cut one, head to the crafting station in the mine shop. You need to have a certain crafter level to cut rarer, and you can earn crafter levels by cutting gems. You can view your miner, smith and crafter levels using /jobs stats.


If your crafter level isn't high enough to cut certain gems, you are able to keep them for later or sell them uncut to the Miner for less profit.


The gems you have cut at the crafter station can be sold to the Jeweller. To sell them, right click the jeweller and select the gems you want to sell in the menu.

Smelting Station

Once you get some ore you'll need to smelt it to make it worth something. Go to the Smelting Station with your ores and some coal to turn your ores into ingots. You need to have a specific miner level to be able to get rare ores and you need a specific smith level to be able to smelt certain ores.

Smithing Station

With your newly smelted ingots and some sticks you'll be able to create your own tools! Go to the Smithing Station and see what you can craft with your smith levels.