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Water Tribe Societal RanksπŸ”—

Water Tribe GovernmentπŸ”—

This person manages the entire tribe. They have the final say in all decisions regarding the tribe and its people.
Chief Justice
The highest judge in the tribes. This person works with the Chief and Clan leaders to ensure that tribe law is enforced. They can act as a lawmaker and adviser to the Chief and Council.
Clan Leaders
This role is given to multiple people. Each clan leader manages the lore and roleplay of their respective clans. There can only be 5 chieftains maximum at one time.
Elder Shaman
Elder shamans are the most experienced spiritual leaders of the tribes. There can be any number of Elder shamans.
Ambassadors are responsible for representing us in our relations with other nations.


Each of these roles acts as an advisory role to the chief, on top of their respective duties

Warrior RolesπŸ”—

Alpha Warrior
The equivalent of a General, this is the active leader of the Southern Water Tribe Warriors. This person would be responsible for hiring, firing, and giving orders to those in the lower ranks.
The base level warrior that has completed their rites and earned the trust and skills to protect our people. They will often act as pack leaders and guide smaller groups into battle.
Warrior Scout
Often sent on international or higher ranked guard duties. They're still in training to become full warriors, but have more experience than that of a cub.
Warrior Cub
These are the entry level warriors who are still in training. They'll often be put on low level guard duties and small local hunts.

Bending RolesπŸ”—

These people have completed the roleplay and forum process neccessary to master their waterbending ability. These folks are able to teach and vouch for future masters.
This sub-element can be earned by master waterbenders through roleplay. Be warned, bloodbending corrupts the mind of the user and it is currently illegal to bloodbend in Water Tribe society.
Healers are valued members of Water Tribe society and are becoming increasingly common within the Northern and Southern Tribes.
Plantbenders can manipulate the water within plants. You can have this ability without application, but you cannot if your character did not learn it properly. Someone who has only seen snow will not be able to bend plants at first glance.